Trance dance is a contemporary spiritual dance form based on ancient traditions, shamanic rituals deeply rooted in ancient traditions, and recent science. A discovery for dance lovers who want to enter into dancing and blindfolded confrontation with themselves.

A Trance dance session often begins with a brief moment of intense and conscious breathing.
Through your senses you pick estimated up to 400 billion bits of information per second. Of these, only two thousand are consciously processed by your brains. During a Trance dance you can make contact with the information you have recorded non - conscious. Trance dancers often report that they have received insights about themselves and their lives during the dance.

TrancedansWhen people come together they dance trance dance accompanied and blindfolded on ethnic, but also modern music from various cultures. The intention is that your body develops its own dance and your spirit can look for answers to life's questions.

There are no steps imposed. Your body fills steps to the rhythm of the music of itself. Depending on your own interpretation trance dance can be emotional, but that's not a necessity. In the dance the illusion that the physical and the spiritual are separated, can fade.

Your body can move freely in a safe defined space, while your mind can go on a journey to inner depths. Trance dance helps you to come closer to self.
We talk about it as a ritual, because it is a spiritual dance form in which you explore your inner darkness by turning off your physical sight.

The combination of blindfold, breathing and rhythm of music, make that you can gradually slip into a deeper or wider consciousness that you can call trance.
Music and dance can bring us into ecstasy, call it moving meditation?