As with other sports also exist dancing competitions from regional to global in all disciplines and categories. Participation and progress are recorded in racing regulations. Which may be 2 to 12 pages long, and vary from federation or association, and by style or race.
WedstrijddansenAdministration: usually you first register at the club or dance school. (Here are sometimes transfer periods.) You need a passport and a contest booklet. You have to register and pay for the timely participation. (Penalty clause for unauthorized absence.)
Categories are classified according to age groups, from 6 years old to... Admission requirements are defined. The duration of the dance, the rhythm (sometimes the music.) Where scales a couple that splits..
Promotion system is described: how is the jury composed and how does the judging work, is given attention to rhythm, posture, balance..., for which place you get how many points and how many points you need to promote to a higher class.
Clothing is defined or imposed. Usually something in the style of black long pants for men and black or white shirt with long sleeves. For ladies coyly covering clothing, often no skin color. Sometimes glitters are excluded. (2 lines for men, 2 pages for women. Why is that?)
It is also commonly recognized that you must participate in the opening parade and the end (especially the first 3).