Biodanza (Greek bios "life", Spanish danza "dance", "Dance of Life ") is an alternative group activity from Chile. The aim is self-development and increasing the quality of life through free dance, music (new age and world music), emotion and conversations.

BiodanzaIt was developed by psychologist and medical anthropologist Rolando Toro Araneda since 1960. Although there would be therapeutic benefits, it is no therapy. The theory states that the development and integration of the five lifelines is encouraged using the Biodanza sessions. This 'Vivencias' stand for (intense) experiences in the 'here and now ', with attention to:
- Vitality: anticipating life with more energy.
- Sexuality: the experience of desire and pleasure in your own sensuality.
- Creativity: appeal to your creative abilities.
- Affectivity: tenderness and respect in the giving and receiving of universal love.
- Transcendence: transcend your ego to achieve a higher level of integration with humanity, nature and the cosmos.

With its integration is meant the looking for that harmony between thinking, feeling and doing. If these three aspects are in permanent conflict with each other that would disrupt the cellular system and can lead to stress, depression, diseases...
Biodanza teaches people a way of "being" to rediscover what we have forgotten about our way of life which is far from our original nature.

Biodanza is a system that emphasizes the positive in ourselves. Through simple exercises you will have the opportunity to connect with yourself and others during Biodanza. It offers an enriched environment, where you can be yourself.

If you follow the music deep into yourself, a series of natural movements are created where you have nothing special to do for. You need not to be a "dancer" or to have a good condition. It's not about making beautiful flowing movements or choreography. You dance alone, in pairs or in group. There is never imposed. Contact is important... through eyes, hands, heart... You dance barefoot.
Biodanza just takes you, it's very simple.

It is based on what binds people together, not what separates them. Food, drink, a roof over your head, work, car,... material things alone are insufficient. We also need friendship, love, joy, the ability to express ourselves and communicate with others. This feeds us, our hearts are touched by it. If we appreciate only the rational and the knowing, we miss what really matters: feelings, authenticity, deeply human closeness, warmth and touch.

Biodanza brings you closer to your deep I, who you are in essence. It gives you the chance to shake awake your potential and get what you need for a healthy and happy life where you 're growing your own understanding...