Pole dancing lessons have already been hip, but more and more young women go now also to strip aerobics or belly dancing lessons to give both their confidence as their condition a boost.

Sexy stretch
BurleskdanceDonna Cyrus of the U.S. fitness chain Crunch has been organizing since 1996 sexy workouts. They recently expanded its range, however, and notes that there is suddenly a lot of interest in her sensual sports lessons. "My generation did a lot of aerobics, the forty years old Cyrus said. "Now, however, women are looking for other ways to get fit, they want to express their sexuality. That's why you now can take in Crunch lessons with great names like 'Strip Bar', 'Belly Moves" and "Sexy Stretch”. This not only burns calories, you also work on your confidence.”

Sexy behave
According to fitness expert Jessica Matthews are this kind of lessons a good incentive to move. "I 'm a big fan of this kind of lessons when they make people excited to play sports. Pole dancing and strip aerobics have benefits for your body. With belly dancing you train your abs, to pole dancing you work on your upper body, because your arms should wear your body weight. But with your lower body you need to climb the pole and you train these muscles. Additionally, people want nowadays to behave sexy. "

Ordinary women
Robin Antin, choreographer of "The Pussycat Dolls" makes sexy workout videos and wants so women to exercise. "I hope they dance through my DVDs on sexy songs like 'Do not Cha' by the exciting girl group The Pussycat Dolls and getting fit. Sexy attributes like feathers and boas need help here, I want them to use their imagination. A simplified version of a dance class, I hope women to get fit. In the DVD you will see dancers in high heels and lingerie, this service is meant for ordinary women. " It's perfect for mothers and daughters."

"These sexy workouts have been a trend in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami and New York. Women are preparing by stroking sexy clothes and shoes, and then give the best of themselves," concludes Cyrus. (ep)