Character Dance can be a pantomime or ballet pantomime to image older or grotesque characters from or authentic folk dance (elaborated) used in a ballet or theater.
KarakterdansThe term refers to the grotesque popular characters that were portrayed, in contrast to the "sophisticated" noble classical ballet roles. Many classical romantic ballets bring forth character dance (like the real world) alternated with ballet blanc (like the dream world).
In the romantic ballets character dance is also used to depict evil as expressive as possible in the often farcical or satirical character of a person (character role), with figures such as the magician, the witch, the evil fairy,..
The use of folk motifs in the ballet comes from the French Revolution. It was developed by Jean Dauberville (1742-1806). Also in Russia and elsewhere came a similar creations developed by various choreographers. This was a return to stories from their own past, own heroes, folk music, folk instruments and folk dances.

Character Dances are usually danced in shoes with suede soles and low heels.

Character Dancer
Character Dancer is (in Belgium) an euphemistic term for (foreign) prostitute. At the official documents to enter the country the pimps mentioned that as "ballet groups'or'choreographic dancers’. After three months, the girls are usually diverted to another country, always under the official jargon 'character dancers’.