Dances A-Z, dance music and theme hits, dance class and -schools, -terms, jive, quickstep, Lindy hop, tango, salsa, popcorn..; history of dance, examples, partners, rhythm, -shoes...

As a dance fan it took often much effort and time to find correct and useful information about my hobby. In all the years I have collected a lot, and it seemed a good idea to write it all on a site to be available to other fans.

allDanceStylesI did for over 35 years all kinds of dance classes and workshops in various dance schools and clubs. Especially the common dances that can be used at social happenings and parties and events I want to explain here. A complete list and sample movies can be found on the site (40 dances discussed,…)

Good dance music is mentioned under (over) +1000 dance hits.

Al content was written for & from my own situation in mid west Europe, the Low Countries.
I’m not English, so please correct my language, words, sentences (besides the content).)
I should be grateful if you should even correct just one article. All improvements and additions are very welcome, we’re grateful to receive your mail.

All additions, illustrations, tips and help to make the site more complete and better are welcome...

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