It is often difficult to choose or find appropriate dance music to exercise or to use at a party or festival.

I have collected a whole series, pick your favorites.

The selection is made ​​based on the following criteria:
- It should be a fairly widely known and popular number. This of course varies by country, region, age, and even individually. But I chose as many as possible for evergreens.
- The (dance) rhythm should be clear.
- The intro should be short, so you do not need half a minute, listening to recognize the rhythm, but can start dancing almost at once.
- The number must be consistent, without rhythm changes. (There are some exceptions included, I think.)
- It should not only fit to practice, but also sound good for non- dancers at parties and celebrations. Hence, there are few suitable Salsas or real Argentine Tangos available. That is why they get a separate list at the Theme Charts section.

Lots of songs are suitable for several dances.
Sometimes, but not always, those are indicated.
Dance with confidence according to your own interpretation.

Mentioned in the list (if available):
- A sequence number, to make them easier to find or keep
- title of the song (sometimes omitting the first article, ditto with performer. Certain numbers are not known by the real title, also some under 2 titles).
- Performer: one or more, preferably the most recent, well-known, popular and convenient. Sometimes it different embodiment is a totally not suitable for the dance mentioned!
- Year: where it was a hit (preferably recent). Also interesting for e.g. a 60 ‘s- party.
- Language: X is instrumental. Great for theme nights Dutch, German...
- Duration: can help to find the correct version, and to make a full-length playlist. And for exhausting dance (jive, waltz etc.) not to play 2 long after another.
- BPM: concrete tempo in Beats Per Minute
- Or also: other dance opportunities
- Pop: Popularity (my appreciation)
- (And, just on the site:
- Group: Standard Dance (separate list for Group Dance, Folk Dance, party...)
- Tempo: SS ST TT (speedy, swiftly, tardy, terribly torpid). No interpretation = normal speed
- Style Atmosphere: not (yet) used.
- Genre: dance)

Especially intros of salsa and bachata can put you sometimes completely (and literally) on the wrong track.

If you find errors in the list, let me know.
Additions and suggestions for other (better) songs that meet these criteria are also welcome. At the next update we then can take this into account.
Wrong music: a term used by bad DJs who imagine themselves 'experts', with which they denote music the audience will find great and good, and so they "should" play it, but that they as 'specialist' distance themselves from by this description.
My experience at parties and events is that you better don’t ask for a dance to most DJs but give a title and performer. Otherwise is often the largest rubbish presented. From this frustration is the list occurred anyway. Because the amount was too large, I have the list broken down into parts, grouped by (similar) dance.
Have fun with it!