sportspartyOne of the main leisure experiences. Either actively or passively. Every performance, every match won, each championship can be celebrated.
A champion was in the past a 'warrior'. Now we mean with it 'the best'. A camp or duel was a battle between two gamecocks. The strain comes from the Picardy variant campion, the French champion 'warrior in a judicial duel' (1150), or campiun (1080), from the medieval Latin Campio (arena, camp).

Sport is the most important side issue in life. (Kees Jansma)

"What muscle works when I'm boxing with you" ask the professor to the medical student. "My smile muscle, Professor."

After the game with an umbrella in the shower. "I forgot my towel!"
"Look, this woman is so thick and as round as a ball." "No wonder, her husband was shot putter."

# Title Artist(s) Dance
1 Allez Maurice Frank Dingenen disco
2 Another One Bites The Dust Queen disco
3 Are You Ready For Some Football? Hank Williams jive
4 Are You Ready For Some Football? Hank Williams Jr. jive
5 Basketball Kurtis Blow disco
6 Bicycle race Queen jerk
7 Bicycle race Queen jive
8 Bike Pink Floyed disco
9 Boom Boom Mancini Warren Zevon disco
10 Born To Run Bruce Springsteen disco
11 Boxers Morrissey disco
12 Camptown races   jive
13 Celebration Kool & the Gang chacha
14 Centerfield John Fogerty tango
15 Chariots of fire Vangelis slowfox
16 De rode duivels gaan naar spanje Will Tura disco
17 De zwemmer De nieuwe snaar quickstep
18 Do You Know(Ping Pong Song) Enrique Iglesias chacha
19 Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting Carl Douglas disco
20 Fearless Pink Floyed slowfox
21 Fiets Herman van Veen Engelse wals
22 Fietsen op de heide The Ramblers quickstep
23 Fight Song Michigan State University  jerk
24 Fly eagles Fly...on the road to victory Philadelpia Eagles mars
25 Hit Somebody  Warren Zevon disco
26 Hoe sterk is de eenzame fietser Boudewijn de Groot disco
27 I am sailing Rod Steward slow
28 Ik spring uit een vliegmachien Eddy Wally disco
29 Ik spring uit een vliegmachien Eddy Wally weense wals
30 Jerry Was A Racecar Driver Primus disco
31 Joe Dimaggio Done it again Billy Bragg quickstep
32 Jogging Freddie McGregor chacha
33 Jump Flo Rida merengue
34 Just a Friendly Game of Baseball Main Source jerk
35 Magic Johnson Red Hot Chili Peppers jerk
36 Mijne velo Willem Vermandere  
37 Mr. Touchdown Glenn Tolbert quickstep
38 Opzij, opzij, opzij Herman van Veen milonga
39 Pinball Wizard The Who disco
40 Real American Rick Derringer Hulk Hogan disco
41 Riding on My Bike Madness disco
42 Rije rije rije stoempe stoempe stoempe De fiets van Pavlov chacha
43 Rumble in the jungle The Fugees  jive
44 Run Run Run Phoenix jive
45 Running against the wind Bob Seger rumba
46 Superbowl Shuffle The 1985 Chicago Bears chacha
47 Surfin safari Beach boys jive
48 Surfing USA Beach boys jive
49 Swimming in the pool The Radio's jive
50 Swimming into deep water Don Rosenbaum quickstep
51 Take Me Out to the Ball Game diverse weense wals
52 The boxer Simon and Garfunkel quickstep
53 The gambler Kenny Rodgers quickstep
54 The winner Takes it All ABBA disco
55 Today was a good day  Ice Cube jive
56 Tour de France  Kraftwerk chacha
57 Walk of life Dire Straits jive
58 We are the champions Queen weense wals
59 We're Gonna Win That Cup Donna McDaniel disco
60 Wij houden van oranje Andre Hazes mars
61 Winner Takes it All Sammy Hagar disco
62 You'll never walk alone Lee Towers  rumba
63 You're simply the best Tina Turner disco
64 You're the Best Joe "Bean" Esposito quickstep