We have chosen themes and occasions at which usually also is danced.

themepartysThe songs are selected primarily on issues, not on whether they are good danceable.
So sometimes it's somewhat make do, improvise and interpret.
There may be songs that seem not danceable (0), or listen songs, sometimes with a varying pace.
In addition, a limited number of dances are much present (disco...), others barely (mambo...).

Customize the list according to your own collection, and of course especially to the tastes and favorites of the birthday girl. (Almost) all the songs are about love. So for engagement, marriage, anniversary you 're sure to find easily a lot.

Each theme lends itself to build a party around. On some issues, it is difficult to find sufficient danceable music and applicable songs.

For nearly all common names there are to find a song where that occurs in. You can supplement your playlist for the party always with songs that contain the names of the celebrated. But first listen closely. A separation or hate song at a wedding does not fit, nor squalid bachelor songs on a children’s party. (Conversely, maybe even fun.) Know your celbrated good enough, then you can, depending on their sense of humor, afford whatsoever. Multiple topics can also be combined or (partially) merged.
for instance
Job and Retirement, Retirement and 50 Years,
Sports and Color (club colors), Animals and Carnival...

A playlist for a night in Dutch, French, Instrumental, Salsa, Argentine tango, salsa (English hits) or hits of the... (50, 60... 2010) can be made ​​(possibly via the website) on the basis of sorting in the list of hits.

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