JazzballetBesides classical, there is also jazz ballet. The movements and techniques do not follow those of the classical ballet. They are compared to the older classical ballet clearly free and based on popular music (jazz, rock, hip hop, etc.). Jazz dance is a young branch in the contemporary dance field and uses various dance forms. One of the elements of which the jazz dance is distinguished from other forms, is the use of the isolation technique. This means that a part of the body moves apart from the rest of the body, e.g. the head, the shoulder, or the ribcage (spine), or in combination with still other parts of the body that also move independently on themselves. The basic technique of jazz dance uses the fundamentals of ballet, modern dance, tap dance, black dance e.g. the turkey trot, monkey, chicken scratch, kangaroo dip, bunny hug and later the black bottom, the shim sham shimmy and lindy hop.