This dance can be found on dozens of web hits. And they are all about the song from M - Kids. However, there were also original and genuine Indians dances.
IndianendansWith the discovery of America by Columbus (1492), there were 20 million Indians. 400 years later, there were by disease and violence, only a small million.
They had as good as lost everything: their traditions, their way of life, their beliefs, dances, their hunting grounds, their bison, their freedom. But they and their culture survived their legend - albeit in reserves.
Indian music consists of singing and drumming. Indians believe that singing is a gift from the wind. The drum symbolizes the earth and the rhythm of the drum represents the heartbeat of the people and their connection with the earth.
The Indians have a lot of dances at various festivals and ceremonies.
Today there are still Powwows (actually means spiritual leader) held. It is a kind of brotherhood party from 5 hours to 3 days, with original (native) and new Americans. The dances, competitions (for men and women separately) and costumes are very colorful.
Indians Dances are spiritual rituals led by the medicine man, the whole tribe should benefit. Sometimes dancers come into trance. Often dancing is addressed to the gods in thanks. The Indians have a dance for the hunt to lure animals and thus hunting them easier. They have a Rain Dance, dream dance...

The sun dance is one of the most famous dances of the Indians. He is called that because there is a lot of staring at the sun. It is a dance that carries the Indians to make a vow.
The Ghost Dance (circle dance) was initially peaceful and conciliatory, led by (Jack Wilson) Wovoka, a kind of prophet. After the massacre of Lakpota Sioux at Wounded Knee in 1890, ​​the Indians made it more a war dance. (Wouldn’t you?..)