After again another message about dancing Muslims who were penalized in some medieval whipping I wanted to look up something about their historical dance culture, to know or, and why Muslims may (not) dancing. (There are indeed other gruesome (there) applied barbaric punishment.) Because every tribe on earth once had his own dances.

Besides Sufi (and Dervish dance) belong historically combat- and sword dancing, belly dance, chain dance (arms-hooked) and even religious dances (on sung verses) to the (pre) Muslim culture.
The Qur'an itself says, as far as I can figure it out, nothing about this. Only later was dancing declared as an act of the unbelievers.

Jalal al-Din Rumi (born 1273, Turkey) was the founder of the mystical order Mavlana and known as the whirling Dervishe. His poems with great musicality and expressive language were the highlight of Islamic mysticism.
In 1925 Mustafa Kemal Ataturk (spiritual leader) in his fight against the mysticism closed the convent of Konya and he forbade dancing. Only in 1960, the ban was lifted. (!?)

islamnotdancingBut according to today's spiritual leaders dancing apparently still is a pernicious activity.
"For the man it is not allowed to dance and sing, and for the women singing during a marriage is allowed, this song should not contain shamelessness, flirtatious behavior or fitnah, but it may only take place amongst women.
The dance of a woman in the presence of only women during celebrations such as weddings, etc. is permitted under the following conditions:
1.The wearing of decent clothing that not accentuates her female forms.
2.The not imitation of people of immorality.
3.The not dance on a fancy way, so the lusts of others are not fueled.

(Others get even more restrictions on this.)
Some sources suggest that men in the same way also may dance together as long as they keep their awrah (part of the body between the navel and the knees) covered and seduce no one.

Men and women dancing together is absolutely hara(a)m, except when a woman dances for her husband.

burkacagexI can, simply by respect for my fellow men, understand completely when a religion imposes a ban on killing, fighting, rape, maim ... But something as socially, cheerful and peaceful as dancing??

I have here (Limburg) however already seen performances by male folk dancers (who also dance in front of women, shame). There are still regional folk dances in Muslim communities.
Also I've been to a Muslim wedding where there was dancing. There were even simultaneously men and women in the same room on the same dance floor. Fortunately, not all Muslims seem to be equally scary-minded.

Yes, alcohol isn’t allowed either. But if you regularly see smiling men going to the cloakroom, and even more cheerful see them coming back; if you see the camouflage brown paper bags on the table, then you know that there is no cat in a bag, and where they find their stuff.
I allow it to them.

People would (especially themselves, their religion and) their lives take less seriously, and dance more instead of any complaining and arguing. And be more concerned about each other, as (together) living neighbors without hindrance by outdated, inappropriate and acidifying rules. Anno 21st century ...
Dance yourself and the world free.