The hula hoop is a ring with a diameter of about 1 meter. By moving the body (or an arm, a leg...) one (or more) hoop (s) are kept running.

The hula hoop was developed by two American students, Richard Knerr and Arthur "Spud " Melin, who in 1948 founded the Wham-O company. The idea came from an American who had seen how children played with hoops of bamboo in Australia. "Wham - O" made the hoops in PVC. The hula hoop was a real craze with big games late 50s. In two years, 100 million units were sold. The company was later successful in bringing out the frisbee. Later it was acquired by Mattel.

hulahoopIt is by attention from various artists now considered a fashionable physical activity. The origin of the movement lies in the Hula dance, a traditional dance from Polynesia and Hawaii, which was also already known in Greece and Egypt.

User manual

You need to rotate the hoop around the hips very quickly and then make him go up and down between the neck and the knees:

Bring the hoop around the waist.
Hold it with both hands and pull it forward until it’s backside pushes against your back.
Launch the rotation with both hands so that the inner edge of the hoop makes a circle and maintains contact around your body. Just keep trying until it succeeds.
 Make circles with your hips (as Elvis Presley!): to the left, back, right, forward.

The hula hoop is effective for a slim waist and firm buttocks. You can consume 100 calories in 10 minutes and you develop your muscles.

Incredible records
The record hula hoop has been since 1986 in the hands of the American Roxann Rose. She did it 90 hours.
On April 8, 2003 Yana Rodinova (Great Britain) held simultaneously 95 hula hoops revolving around her body, from the shoulders to the hips.
The largest hula hoop ever used had a circumference of 13.2 meters.

In Thailand is a new world record hula hoop established in 2013. For seven minutes, 4483 participants were turning their plastic ring rings.

The Austrian Roman Schedler has ever hula hooped 71 seconds long with a tractor tire of 24 kg.
The largest number of hula hoops that could be held rotating at the same time is 105.
And there is a woman who has ever walked 10 kilometers while she pushed a hula hoop roling.

Michelle Obama, the First Lady of the United States, is an avid practitioner.
She gave up on the grass of the White House a demonstration on 09/10/2009. She succeeded in getting around the hoop 142 times. With this, she wanted to encourage 100 primary school children to exercise and eat healthy.

Mood and sex life
A year earlier confessed hubby Barack how well his wife can hula hoop. "Once she is in the rhythm, she may even do it with her knees." It would also give you a good mood and your sex life a boost.