danceartArt is the product of human creative expression, making or doing things that are not necessarily practical and useful, but are regarded as pretty.
To the arts belong literature (and poetry, comics); the visual arts (painting, drawing, photography, printmaking (etching, printing), sculpture and modern media) film and architecture. In addition, theater and music, both of which are combined in dance.
Theater, music and dance were -once more than tody- strongly linked.
Classical ballet (e.g. Swan Lake) is one of the most known forms.

Myth comes from the Greek for "spoken word". Mythology is about stories from a particular culture that transcend reality. They include stories about the origin of the world and humanity. Not tangible forces are often presented as gods beside heroes and rulers.
In different culturesare gods and demigods of the dance. Dance is also a part of religious experience and meetings.

Both in myths and art expression dance is very different from culture to culture, with its own accents and uses. Both fairies, as the drink-loving god Dionysus (or Bacchus) love partying and dancing.

Dance and Arts

Dance has inspired many artists. Not only as a dance, but also to adjacent music tracks and even books or poems, and make films or paintings.
The dance of fools is a poem, and Kreuners sung the dance of innocence. Book Titles come in all types: Dance of the wolf, tiger, leopard, rainbow - pink dolphin - scarab - drummers, - spirits, dance with dragons, Dance of love - the damn .. Dance of the heron is a movie. And the dance of time was painted.
Dance can be much more than just dance and / or music.
Willem Frederik Siep (Arnhem, November 21, 1866 - Nice, March 19, 1926) was a Dutch composer, music educator, conductor and pianist who composed lots of 'dances', especially Old Dutch peasant dances for piano:
kunst         wedding Dance
             Dance of bridesmaids
             Dance of groomsmen
             Dance of bride and groom
             Clog dance
         Zeeuwish paysant song
         Dance of the "cheer" peasant
         Dance of oldies
         Round Dance of guests
             Repetition dance of Bride and Groom