Moving with a hula hoop burn as many calories per minute as step aerobics or fast walking, according to a recent study.

hulahoopaerobics210 calories
The researchers let 16 women between 16 and 59 years for half an hour exercise with a hula hoop around their waist, arms and legs. After two sessions, so that the volunteers were accustomed to the new routine, their heart rate and respiration were measured. This shows that the heart rate of the participants was on average 84 percent higher than what is normal for their age. The ladies burned about 7 calories per minute, which adds up to 210 in a half-hour lesson.

Special hula hoop
Researcher John Porcari: "The results of this study have surprised us. Hula hoop looks just a fun experience, but after the session, the participants had a heart rate of 150, which is fairly high. The results indicate that this is a workout for the hole body which improves flexibility and balance, as well as strengthens the back, abdomen, arm and leg muscles." In the study, special hula hoops were used with weight. These make it easier to exercise because they move slower around the body. (ep)
(Hln - Good sense 15/02/11)