Jump is a sub-style of electronic dance music, which is characterized by a focus on the (hard) bass. In early jump was considered a variant of the faster and harder hardcore, but soon grew a slower variant (such as 135-140 bpm) into a rage.

JumpToday's Jump music together with the dance originated in Flanders in the late 90s. It was until early 2000 'in'. Da Boy Tommy and Da Rick scored a top 10 hit "Ready to rumble". In late 2004 jump came in the Netherlands. Later the microbe jumped in to other countries including France and Germany. Over the years, the rate increased to about 140-148 bpm.
The dance style that is associated with jump, has evolved from a variation on the chopping through truly jumping(around) to the today known skiing. There are several ways to jump. In each of these ways, it is intended that on each beat any other movement (with the legs) is made.