Dance Marathon: the idea is to see in a haunting film by Sydney Pollack with Jane Fonda and others.
They shoot horses, do not they?
America, 1935: depression and poverty.
DansmarathonDance marathons are in full, even in Hollywood. Endurance competitions in which it comes to keep dancing the longest. Per hour, non-stop 24 hours on 24, participants will receive 15 minutes of rest. They have to dance, so keep moving, but now also execute commands to entertain with their tiresome decline greater public.
The film follows the participants who, desperate poverty, do anything to win or get the ceremony masters attention. Because he is looking for talent in the film industry. Nobody could, however, imagine the horrible, exhausting and even deadly competition and decline that begins to perform. And this for the entertainment of some bored spectators. The organizers claim to a special dance, a song, an elimination contest, even a marriage between two candidates. The dancers swallow all those humiliations, for the first prize is one thousand dollars and being discovered by the world of cinema. We watch a dance marathon with about two thousand of hours, in which four pairs are in the focal point.