How many calories can you burn in an hour? That obviously depends on the type of movement. ranked some chores from high to low that the pounds do dwindle. So you soon want to get to move even more.

Dance Calories Per Hour1. Climbing stairs: 560 kcal. A good reason to skip the lift. A shopping bag or some extra weight should not deter you, you will see even better results.

2. Skating: 500 kcal. It is not the time, we realize it, but a reminder for the cold winter months. Skates are ideal to burn pounds.

3. Bathroom scrubbing: 400 kcal. The bathroom will shine even more now that you know what all that brushing does to your body.

4. Dancing: 350 kcal. Dancing is good for your body and fitness. Turn the music on full blast and let you go.

5. Mowing: 340 kcal. From now on you grab the lawn mower out of his hands. Provided that you let the electric mower in the shed, only with the manual you get started.

6. Painting & decorating: 320 kcal. No sense to decorate? Well if you know this, the pounds fly off. Let the summer cleaning begin.

7. Sex: 0-500 kcal. None who will complain that these bed sports are a difficult chore. Its success depends of course on how active you are yourself between the sheets.
(HLN 03/7/9)