Ice dancing is one of the three disciplines of figure skating (figure skating on skates), in addition to the individual skating and skating in pairs.
A set or program of figures and movements in this sport is called a kür ("freestyle").

IJsdansenIn pairs skating jumps and lifts occur. But not in ice dancing. Ice dance is based on a classical dance. The ISU (International Skating Union) defines for each event which dance forms the short kür. Before In free skating couples may choose this themselves. In ice dancing, the art is of greater importance than in pairs skating. It's harder than riding solo. The dance together should be aligned and practiced with patience. It is more than two soloists dancing together. The couple also has to dance as a whole.

In addition to a sport, it is also a show.
In ice dancing competitions consist of three parts: compulsory dances, original but regulatory model dancing and free dance. The accompanying music without text is chosen by the participants themselves.

The judging is done with ratings for the artistic content and technical performance. The order for the first round will be determined by drawing lots. For the next rounds it is depending on their performance during the previous round.

To exercise safely on most rinks and in clubs skaters that their programs have drive get priority over other skaters.