Dancing has often had something challenging. Youngsters provoke with their new, looser morals the older generation and the established order. Parents, believers and policymakers are shocked. It has been so for centuries, and in the 21st century it’s not different. But to call it still dancing, is going (to me, I’m older) a bit far.

It started with each touch. Then also without gloves or handkerchief. Or grab each other and spin around. Sentimental stroking, challenging. Close contact, intimate bachata, and at last all kinds of erotic colored movements that are often summarized by the term 'dry fucking'.

I dedicate nevertheless an article on it, because it often come in the news. Especially if some celeb makes herselves openly to guilty.


Twerken,Mapouka (or macouka) is a traditional dance from the Dabou (southeast Ivory Coast) region. In this African booty dance hips and buttocks are moved as with belly dancing. However, the dancer is not facing the audience, but often bent over with her buttocks to the viewers. In 1998, the government banned public performances, making its popularity has increased tremendously.

The nightclub version, and (lack of) attire probably differ from the original ceremonial choreography. Acham Peter Cho, governor of the local province: "The music and dance are not prohibited, we must respect that people do not like to see naked girls (?) and the indecent way they dance mapouka was therefore banned. Tthis form pollutes society...."

It could be the mother of twerking may be.

Twerking is shaking the ass in circular, up-and-down, and sideways movements. It is actually a form of isolationism dance, in which an isolated part of the body moves separately or is shaken. That can be also breasts or shoulders. If you do see it, it looks like a piece of cake, but it is (for me at least) really a difficult movement. It so happens that the shaking does not sway or wobble, but seems to vibrate quickly. The movements are in the buttocks, thighs, legs and pelvis. In the case of the buttock shaking is twerking coming from the night clubs, which also provide lap dance. So mainly by women. The more you shake, the more you earn. It is slutty as they do it just before, or against the pubic area of a man.

The name was derived from the phrase "on" and "work", or twist and jerk.

In 2000, the Atlanta - duo Ying Yang Twins hip hopped on their debut 'Whistle While You twurk “. Since 2011 a group of female dancers, Twerk Team, placed many twerking videos of themselves on YouTube. As a result, both the word and the "Dance' became a hype.

On popular music in a sexually provocative and suggestive way making sorts of bumping hip movements often in a low, squatting or stooped posture justify the description dry humping.

This includes punches with the pelvis, shaking and vibrating with the buttocks, the pubic banging on the floor, or against each other genitals, simulating copulation in every position of the Kama Sutra.

Also under other names this style is trying to make all the rage with similar movements.

Bubbling, frottage, ass dance, banging or dry hump sometimes are synonymous for sanding.

This can be interpreted as: body parts sliding over each other in an erotic manner. This is the more 'soft' form, in which playful humor and challenge are used (sometimes without touching each other).

(The Puerto Rican dance Perreo is another form of bubbling.)

(Bubble dance was also an (almost) naked dance in which the dancer is covered by one (or a few) balloons.)

Daggering is more explosive than sanding. It is derived from the word fo dagger: and is also called the "dagger dance”. It has come over from Jamaica, and there is little need for manual: the man lifts the woman and swings her from the front against him. The woman spreads her legs and puts them loosely around the man. And then: pounding. If you do it hard, you do it well. Again You Tube took care to spread it and make it popular.

The Arab Malayya dance seems, as it is performed by the Khalliji women at an orgy.