What makes this dance recognizable? What is typical, distinctive or characteristic?

On slow music, embracing together and intimate together cradling and shuffling around each other.


Du - Peter Maffay
Je t'aime moi non plus - Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin
You where always on my mind - Willie Nelson

BPM: (as little as possible?)

Slow is simply a "slow”.

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It is by not even one dance school on the program. You also don’t have to be a dancer, for there are no steps or moves. But since it is one of the most used and popular dances, he surely belongs here.

When he arose, I do not know. He'll be just like other popular dances once reviled as vulgar by the elite and the "civilized world". But in the meantime no one wants to miss him, and he belongs at every party and jollification.

The couple embraces each other. The ladies lays her hands (sometimes her head) on the shoulders of man or higher. Depends a bit on how intimate they (want to) be. Men put their hands behind in the loins of the lady. (If you do not have an intimate relationship, keep them where they are, do not let them sink or walking, caressing...) The weight is moved slowly and rhythmically from one foot to the other, while the couple together spins (on a tile). With your feet you better slide instead of step, you'll also avoid sore toes.

Slow is often an opportunity to take stock, to socialize and to scan each other (figuratively), to meet, to introduce. In an intimate relationship, you make it, of course, whatever you want (and what can be tolerated by the 'decency').

Some dance schools teach a version based on the Foxtrot with names like Social Fox, slow tango etc.