Dance & jokes, citations

Mina is for the first time at a dance in her village. The whole evening she sits at a table, but no one asks her to dance. Hours later, the orchestra begins with the last number. A handsome man with a big cigar in his mouth moves to Mina. "Are you still free for this dance, miss?" He asks.
Mina says very shy "Yes..?".
"Good," replied the man, "would you please just hold this cigar for me?"

He: "Could I have the last dance with you?"
She: "You just had it."

Why is a dumb blonde dancing for a traffic light? Because she thinks it's a disco.

cautionA blind man and a deaf woman are playing together in a band.
Says the blind man: "Are they already dancing?" Says the deaf: "Are we already playing? "

A gentleman is dancing with a beautiful woman. Suddenly Mr. falls slightly. He says: "When I dance with you, the music always seems to end so quickly."
"That's right, you know. It 's my husband who is playing the music. "

Want to dance? Yes? Nice... then I can sit here.

A jew and a black man walk down Parkstreet. Jew: " Bet you could better be a jew than a nigger?" Nigger, "No, let's dance around!"

Finally a man manages to snare a beautiful lady.
"What you dance salsa very good! Strange that you do not have a steady partner!"
She: "I always danced with my husband but he is deceased, and now I'm for the first out at my own." "How sad. Did you have any friends or family that may come with you?"
 "Yes, but they are all at the prayer vigil."

Two bananas dancing. Says one banana to the other: "Nice, huh, salsa dancing?" Says the other banana: "Yes, but I get a curved back."

The police were called to a fight at a wedding. The groom injured the first witness, who is reporting. The music was so blessed that I was dancing with the bride. And at the third dance he kicked her in the crotch. Cop: "Au. Seems very painful." Witness: " Bet! I broke three fingers!"

What did the little candle say to the big candle?
I 'm going out tonight.

Where does a snowman dance?
On a snowball.

Now so mutilated in the hospital. I saw you only yesterday still dancing with that blonde?
Yes, saw my wife too!

At a charity ball danced the famous Bernard Shaw with a lady who felt especially honored by the invitation.
- How nice of you to dance with such a trivial lady!
- Ah, madam, Shaw replied, we are still at a charity!

"You would be the best dancer I know, if there were not two niggles.."
"Two? But which then?" "Your feet."

Receptionist: "Only the bridal suite is available sir."
"I've been married for 17 years, what should I do with the honeymoon suite?"
"If I give you the ballroom you will also go to dance?"

After seven years of dance school, and an intimate dance together again before they go home, he asks: "Why should we actually not marry dear?"
"Getting married? Who would want to marry us?"

"Strange that so many men would rather dance with chatting chicks than with others."
" Other? Which other?"

Epitome of sleek dance star: only but one line on her dance dress.

A rain dance that falls into the water, is never funny.
If your dance teacher is quickly kicked on his toes that’s not funny.
Dancing next to a sign ‘forbidden to walk on the grass’ is never funny.



dancingbadly"One of the most beautiful sounds I know is the Flamenco, danced by a man with false teeth."
Milton Berle

"Nowadays, people dance so far apart: the man in the one, and the woman in the other place."
Rudi Carrell

"When you see how they dance these days, you're a voyeur."

 "Folk used to be something against wasps."
Toon Verhoeven

"What does your son?" "Ballet." "Yeah, mine is gay too."

"Ballet: men in pants so tight that you can see to which religion they belong."
Robin Williams

"All things considered, striptease is invented by the customs."
Danny Kaye

"Striptease: anatomy education on credit."
Jerry Lewis

Striptease: dress - me-not."
Louis Verbeek

"Tango: dance in which the faces are bored while the butts have fun."
Georges Clemenceau

DANCE: the vertical expression of a horizontal desire.