In the aftermath of the popular Hucklebuck is also a spicy variant often danced in our latitudes. It is not to be underestimated, pure fitness. I usually choose a short song: Do not lose your Hucklebuck shoes (The Royal Showband Waterford).


Kick (with the right foot to the left)

Kick (with left foot to right)

2 x kick (with right foot to the left, without foot back to the floor)

Put right foot to go back with all the weight on the right, and immediately go back at

left footing with all weight on the left. (together 1 count)

Kick (with the right foot to the left)

Right foot shortly back and immediately

right foot behind left leg cops (knee high to the left)

Put right foot back right, hips to the right

Hips left

Right foot back right, go 90⁰ clockwise

Left Foot went on in the same direction, with quarter turn (you are now reversed)

Right foot crosses behind and past the left

Left foot pass to the left (and restart kick)


Do not Lose Your Hucklebuck Shoes (Brendan Bowyer)

Oh well, baby you're just lookin 'fine to me

Givin 'all you've got, It seems to me

It's too early for a tragedy, so


Ref .:

Do not lose your Hucklebuck shoes (2x)

And we'll keep dancin ', dancin'

dance away our blues

Keep-on movin ', do not lose - Hucklebuck your shoes!


Oh well, girls like you are very hard to find

Hucklebuckin 'baby, you're allright

Love to hear you shoutin '- lose your mind, so

Ref. (everything still a 2nd time)