Dance Fans began in late 2010 as a Dutch website. With a relatively stable number of a few thousands of visitors per month, it seemed a good idea to make a book (in Duch) of most texts. That was published in 2013. To please more people I translated the site in 2014.

(So all texts are mainly about the Belgian-Netherlands situation. And translation may sometimes be less good. It should be great if native speakers would send corrections.)

ilovedancebagDance Fans is about (pair) dancing for parties, discos, dance clubs and dance schools.

Dance fans is for who wants to know more about the most danced dances.

Dance fans is not technical, and not focused on competition dancing, but on social dancing.

Dance fans will not teach to dance, therefore you better go to an association, club or school.
That is much more social, nice, amusing, easier...

Information about dancing is divided into 16 chapters. Which can be found in the right Main Menu. After clicking you will also see related menus on this theme on the left side.

Some subjects actually belong to several chapters. If possible, they are included there also.

If you are looking for specific information it is easier to use the search function. You'll find all the items back where the requested information is treated.

Terms and abbreviations are explained in the text. If you do not see them in the article you’re reading, it can also be found via search.

If possible the discussed dances are also illustrated with a short video. It was looking for a clear shot, that mainly showed the basic steps and typical features of the dance. There will certainly be more beautiful film with a dazzling spectacle to find. But we have chosen for recognition.

Suggestions, corrections and additions are of course welcome.
You can simply send them by email.