openingszinnenA first impression is essential. What you say is just as important. Many neutral openers are about the atmosphere of the place where you are. A compliment about appearance or a simple "Hello, how are you?", always do well.

That one sentence is scored or off. On internet circulate some funny, sexual or absolute kickbacks that we do not want to withhold. If success is guaranteed, we unfortunately cannot tell you.

Funny opening lines
1. As my first opening does not work, do I get another chance?

2. Do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk by again?

3. You see that guy over there? He wants to know what you think of me.

4. Do you hold my beer or would you like to dance with me?

5. I do not feel so good, can you bring me to your house?

6. Too bad that you do not have a green nail polish, otherwise I had a nice opener!

7. If you think to hook me, I think you're right.

8. Can I have your picture, so Santa Claus knows exactly what to give me.

9. There must be something wrong with my eyes because I cannot keep them away from you.

10. Your house, my wine?

11. Don’t I know you from next Friday?

12. Can I offer you a drink, a beer, my body...?

Flirtatious openers
1. Do you know how irresistible my body is?

2. I almost did not dare to ask but erm, you and I? Biscuit tomorrow morning?

3. Really, it is only one moment of pain.

4. I know you want me, so come on.

5. Sorry but, you want to fuck or do I have to excuse me!

6. Shall we start a sexual relationship?

7. My name is Freddy. So you will soon know what to scream when you cum.

8. That dress would be great on a pile next to my bed!

9. Can I sleep with you, or are you not tired?

10. With one touch I can make you produce a sound only dogs can hear.

11. I'll first buy condoms with you.

12. That dress doesn’t fit really, pull it off.

13. Here you have a dollar, call your mother that you do not sleep at home tonight.

14. Sorry, your mom just called. She cannot pick you up, but she has asked me to bring you home!

15. Do you sleep on your stomach? No? Can I?

Unfriendly to woman
1. Do you have beer in your hair? No? It is so drunk.

2. Is that camel fabric? Why? Well......... by those two humps?

3. You stink, shall we'll take a shower?

4. Hey baby, can you suck a golf ball through a garden hose of 50 meters?

5. Love is blind, so I do not care what you look like. (lvl)
(Hln 28/06/2008)