What makes this dance recognizable? What is typical, distinctive or characteristic?

Slowly a Slow Quick Quick Slow pace at which there is a continuous movement floating around the floor without pause, graceful and elegant in a combination of short and long steps.


I do not wonna dance - Lady Linn
Is not she lovely - Stevie Wonder
King of the road - Roger Miller

BPM: 28-30 (4 -quart size, slow -quick -quick -slow heel -toe (and ' very turns).

The Foxtrot name is derived from the name of the creator: Harry Fox

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The Slow Fox originated in the early 1900s in America as Ragtime and was originally danced very quickly. The steps are mostly taken from the castle walk and the one-step from North America. Harry Fox was a star in the Ziegfeld Follies Theater on Broadway in New York. During a show in 1914, he danced in the then popular ragtime music a unique new dance, a "Trot" (trot dance). The Harry Fox Trot hit clearly and quickly got a lot of fans.
Today, however, he is played slowly.

In 1923, the final dance is described by the British with 4 imposed moves: tree step, walk, natural turn, open reverse turn.

The slowfox is a graceful dance, but also the most difficult dance. In particular, the technique used and the 'whole turns' are very difficult to get good master.

The slow foxtrot is popularly sometimes simply called foxtrot, but that is not correct. This was the original name of the predecessor of this dance. But that was in 1924 when it was changed to slowfox and played slower.

In 1927, after the emergence of the Charleston, the music became faster and they called him the 'quick -time foxtrot ', later the quickstep.

On the other hand, he was strongly slowed down and got a different character, with only open, progressive steps in constant motion: this was the slowfox.


About slowfox is also said that if you can dance, you can dance this dance well other Ballroom disciplines also. All ballroom dances are progressive dances. The pairs use the entire dance floor. While dancing, the emphasis is on the first and third measure. At the competitions Slowfox takes about 1.5 - 2 minutes and the official rate of this dance is set at 30 bpm. The Slowfox is an elegant and graceful dance. His characterizing view is that in the body swings first enters the body and not as usual, where the feet come first. The heels first touch the floor. A bit like Michael Jacksons’ Moonwalk. A check is sometimes used to change direction. The slowfox for most dancers is not the favorite dance. For Slowfox is a good technique almost a requirement. This is because this dance requires that you have a lot of control over your movements on the slow beat of the music. The rise and fall is also central to this dance and contributes greatly to the elegance. The slowfox you should feel and implement the proper technique. In Slowfox also dances your body from one side to the other. You stretch the side of your complete body (not just your arm lift), thus you get the rolling movement of this dance. Which is especially important in the slowfox is that if you are as couple one unity. It is a rather technical (competition) dance.