When there prevails a good atmosphere at the party, and a popular popular hit song is played, then there seem to be always some funny guys who realize that they need to gather people for a collective pleasant experience, which usually leads to a Kisses dance, to end later up with a slow.

Dance train

However, a sufficiently large number of players must first be found to ensure that the game can pass through and it is funny. So on the beats of a polonaise, or a rousing sing-along, begins a row to march between the tables, hands on the shoulders of the pastor. They try to convince others to join the queue. Even with some pushing and shoving. If necessary, the route is, done twice in order to have enough people to fill the dance floor, where they end, walking around the floor.

What comes next depends on the choice of music from the DJ.

Tunnel dance

tunneldansAt polka - like country music people choose a partner. They hold (both) hands, facing each other, creating a row or circle. With hands up, they form a tunnel. A couple begins (bent) to walk through the tunnel. The next couple comes after it. When they reach the end of the tunnel, they close in the row, and form a new tunnel element. Sometimes is called "Changer!" in order to reverse direction of the runners.

The hands of the tunnel do not remain all the time up. Some smash abrupt down (not too hard) on the backs of (some) runners.

Kisses dance

The dance train runs in a circle around the dance floor. Three or four participants step into the ring. Choose a partner and lead him / her in the circle. Both kneel on one knee, and give each other three kisses. If the host goes back to the circle, the attendee is looking for a new victim.

Small dance moves are sometimes made to accompany the partner into the circle, e.g. let the women spin. Or the man kneels, and let the woman sit on his other knee.

The music is polonaise, a cheerful march or carnival music.

Usually kisses dance ends with a slow dance.

The twist can be a different ambiance moment. After all these years, still a winner.

The Bird Dance

Is known by many different names in many languages. For some, a haunting, happy tune, absolutely annoying for others. But still a hit at parties. It is an instrumental hit of De Electronicas (1980). The choreography of the chorus is usually done here as:

3 x clapping your hands,

3 x lift your elbows, fluttering as if you could fly

3 x shake your ass.

And in between people pick someone, hook elbows together and step small steps around each other. First left, then right.

But everything is allowed, as long as it's fun.