This poem was written in 1632 by Jacob Cats (1577-1660), Dutch poet, lawyer and politician. Cats is also known as Father Cats, mostly through his didactic poems.

Krepel (crippled) always wants to dance: a person of little significance often moderates a judgment on important matters

krepelLest times I was in a field,
Where everyone was all right
An exuberant joy
After the manner of youth;
Young men of the land
Sang, jumped hand in hand:
Everyone made ​​great sounding,
Everyone was just silly.

But of all, there was one
With a crooked and cripple leg,
With a plump, obtuse foot,
With feathers on the hat,
That was the dance as first,
Who was at the Rosary *:
That was at and on first of may *
Who was head of the queue;
What one peeped, or what they sang,
Krepel had the first jump.

Even if Joke is a fast companion,
Hein is already doing things well,
And Jorden leads beautiful Trijn,
Krepel wants to be the front.

But all this was in the field,
It's as well stated elsewhere;
Because even at city people
This is often seen:
Much time, what is being done,
Krepel makes to stand in front;
Krepel is a brave man,
Though he can noting else then hobble.

It is not a rare thing,
That a single young man,
That an unskilled guest,
That it does not fit,
Many times first tells his judgment
(Although it oftentimes not fits)
First of all mentions things,
even if he is not asked,
First it will bring to the day,
What lay him on the tongue!

Asks someone, how comes?
Wise men are timid,
That something might be said,
That is not right, and thought;
That's why they're slow to work;
And all with a deep thinking;
But a fool full of loose delusion
Hurries and wants to go forward;
Wherefore they say, yet at least *:
" Krepel first wants at the dance."

Rosary: the prize for the best dancer
May, maypole: the center of public entertainment
Peep: a musical instrument as a pipe or flute