Polonaise also means 'Polish garment', for women a tight bodice long shot (1784), for men a short, close-fitting overcoat (1840).

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It is the successor of the branles. It is a march -like dance that is based on a Polish dance, the Polonez. Long ago a polonaise was danced with the visitors to show the house. When dancing polonaise (stepping) people walk all in a row one behind the other, with at least one hand on the shoulder of whoever gets to him in that row. The potential free hand should be placed in a location of your choice. (Keep it clean anyway).

During the dance the walking direction can be reversed at will.

The polonaise will include dancing at weddings and during carnival.

If he's in a circle around the dance floor (and sometimes through the hall, to recruit participants) and is done with kissing couples in the middle we have our known Kisses Dance.

Marsh and carnival music are common for it.