Most dance schools have party dancing, line dancing, group dancing or single dancing. The names are mixed together. Unfortunately they are all different for each dance school. Typical of these individual danced choreographies are the recurring patterns and steps, which are often repeated in 2 or 4 different directions in succession.

partydanceThere are a few popular party dances which are mostly danced in the same way at several dance schools and occasions, and which seem to survive the ravages of time in greater or lesser extent.

We try for these few dances, to the extent available, to give a little info:
- About the song (the most famous or used version: title, artist, year),
- The text
- Explanation of the dance moves (as they are usually done here)
(- And (on the website) is a small example video to see the dance steps and learn them (this may be slightly different from the description).)

We are trying this for the following dances:

Bossa nova
Disco samba
Indian Dance