Two Man Sound consisted of Lou DePryck (later known as Lou & The Hollywood Banana's and producer of Viktor Lazlo and Plastic Bertrand) and Sylvain Vanholmen (who previously worked with Wallace Collection and Octopus, later with The Machinery and Jo Lemaire).

The group made several famous party songs like Charlie Brown and Disco Samba (1977).

Pe pe (x10)

Upa neguinho na estrada

Upa pra' la e pra' ca'

Virgem que coisa mais linda

Upa neguinho comencando a andar

Comencando a andar

Comencando a andar

Zazuera (2x)

A-e-i-o-u ipselon (2x)

Fio maravilha nos gostamos de voce

Fio maravilha faz um pra' gente ver

Brigitte Bardot Bardot

Brigitte beijou beijou

Na fila do cinema todo mundo se afogou

Ay ay caramba (2x)

Moro num pais tropical

Ambenconao por deus

E bonito por natureza mais que beleza

Sou fla fla paeee


La la la la la la la la...

Brasil, Brasil

Voce abusou

Tirou partido de mim abusou

Na na na


De obalubaee

Na na na na...

Quero de novo cantar

Eh meu amigo Charlie

Eh meu amigo Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown...

A translation program can convert this ‘Portuguese’ in nonsense only. Maybe that’s meant so (except for a few words and regulations)?


Step right forward, cross left in behind, and go right forward (lockstep),
Repeat reverse left
Repeat the above (all along: 4 x = forward)
Step 4 x backward: right, left, right, left.

Right foot to right (with weight), cross left there behind with toes fast tapping the floor (with some weight) and weight right back on the right. Then reversed:
Left foot to left, tap right out and back on the left.

Put right frontside over the left leg (and watch) to 9h, fall back on left, turn right (180°), move clockwise to the right (and watch) (1)
Left turns clockwise (2) further in the same direction, further step on to right (3) (1/4 turn, watch), ditto left (4) and right again (5). You then 5 x made ​​a quarter turn, so you stand compared to your starting position with your face to the right, a quarter-turned.

Left forward, right back, left close.
And you immediately start again right forward... etc.

Video: as it may look ...
(We searched preferably brief and clear movies without much show, spectacle and competition.
Better suggestions are welcome.)