Czech round dance. The Czech pulka means half (step) in response to the "half" two-four beat of this dance. Czech polka literally means 'Polish'.


Doo - da, doo - da - Camptown races
I'm in to folk - The Radios
In dulci jubilo - Mike Oldfield

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Bohemian folk dance in two-part measure with fast jumping motion. The polka is a lively fiery couples dance with a simple build-up period. The polka was written in 2/4-measure and resembles the Ecossaise. Around 1830, the polka came into vogue, quickly spread from Bohemia to Austria and made after 1840 from Paris its emergence as a fashionable dance.

He is danced with 3 steps and a hop (jump). (hop-step - close - step). The steps are a (broken) chasse, and the hops are rotated 180 degrees.