We love winter!
Nostalgia for the summer? Dry your tears, but then quickly because winter is the best time of the year! With these 15 feelgood tips, you will discover why you also love the winter!

dancefeelgood1. Ladies' night
2. Shopping,
3. Long live the sluggard!
4. The slats (ski)
5. Come on and dance!
Warm yourself on cold winter nights with a salsa course or some sultry dancing. Dancing has the same effect as sports - it's as good as cardiovascular workout - but it's much more fun to do. And the happy dance steps also ensure that endorphins, the feel-good hormone, is produced.
6. Sexy huddle
Cold winter days you like to stay in bed, so why not make it even more fun time under the sheets by sex more often? Bring each other in the right mood with a sensual massage. Buy a scented massage oil and for the rest use your imagination.

By Lieve Claeys to Planet Syndication Good Feeling, January 2008