Dance sport. Exercising together makes you happy.

Along with others working at sports ensures that your body creates more endorphins, a happiness hormone. That according to recent research.

dancemakeshappyWhen you exercise your body makes naturally endorphins, which has long been known. This substance is responsible for the euphoric sensation you can experience afterwards. Researchers have now discovered that this effect is greater when you are together with other sporters. They tested twelve rowers who intense sported with a virtual boat. Those who had trained alone had more pain as a result of fewer endorphins in their blood than those who rowed together.

That means, according to the researchers that this not only improves your sports performance. According to them, this substance is responsible for the mechanism that ensures that we become happy from activities like dancing together and smiling. Researcher Emma Cohen: "How a group activity can increase endorphins in your blood, it is not clear yet, but this result proves that moving together may be responsible for this."

Group classes work
Sports psychologist Carole Seheul finds it a wonderful result. "Group sports is good for several reasons. For example in terms of motivation and socially. So group lessons really work." (ep)
(HLN 16/09/09)