Men who exercise intense for half an hour a day have half as likely to die from cancer. They are also less likely to develop cancer in the first place. Jogging, swimming, boating, skiing, squash and rugby were the best choices.

dancecancer17 years followed
This is evident from a Finnish study of 2,560 men aged between 42 and 61, who were followed averaged over 17 years. The men had no history of cancer, and all completed questionnaires and participated in physical testing.

Metabolic units
The intensity of a sport was measured in 'metabolic units' (MU, or the amount of oxygen the body consumes). Walking received a score of 4.2, followed by gardening (4,3), dancing, gymnastics, weight lifting (5), cycling to work (5,1), swimming and rowing (5,4), ball sports (6, 7), skiing (9,6) and jogging (10.1).