Tango in September 2009 by the UNESCO certified World Heritage, causes by couples less stress and more desire to sex.
sexytangoThe Colombian psychologist Cynthia Quiroga Murcia is working on the University of Frankfurt. For her dissertation she took saliva samples from 22 couples, and examined hormone concentrations before and after dancing the tango. It showed that while dancing the amount of cortisol, the hormone that causes stress, decreases. The amount of testosterone increases. Testosterone increases the sex drive.
In order to determine whether this "tango - effects' were caused especially by the music, the dance moves or by touching of two bodies, the couples had to tango without music, without touching each other and without dance steps.
From the measured hormone concentrations appears to be especially true tango music stress relieving. The sex desire is mainly attributable at touching the partner. So couples who practice this passionate dance, have fewer tensions, while the tension between the sheets just increases.
The university's research confirms the experience of relationship therapists that tango may have to give stalled relationships a useful revamp.

Research by the U.S. Mayo Clinic shows that a dancer burns as many calories as someone who as long walks, swims or cycles. An evening of dancing is a pleasant way to fitness. Square Dancers do on an evening about 8 kilometers. Scottish folk dancers almost 20 kilometers.
(Oct 2009)