Disco Visitors smelling an orange air, stay longer, dance more and find the evening more enjoyable. Peppermint also has a dance -inducing effect, but is less good for sales. As industrial designer Dirk -Jan Oudshoorn of Delft University of Technology established.

orangedanceSmoking ban
He studied the effect of odors on 850 visitors to discos in Delft, Leiden and Utrecht. He has now started his own company Mood Scent, specializing according to him in odor solutions in the hospitality industry. Since the smoking ban, the number of complaints about bad odor increased. Visitors smelled a stale booze air and, even worse, each body air. Oudshoorn has now proven that circulating a pleasant smell increases revenues to 20 percent. People feel happier, he says.

Sea ​​air
Besides orange and peppermint, the designer also tried salty sea air. That proved to be favorable for the sale of beer. People also stayed longer around. According to Oudshoorn is the stench in restaurants, which was previously masked by the smell of smoke, a major cause of the decline in sales. Two thirds of the clubbers who he asked, complaining about dirty air. (Belga / gb)
(HLN 07/04/2009)