In winter the cows are in the barn. In early spring, when the grass which has grown, they are allowed on the meadow again. Not all. Nearly one in three dairy cows in the Netherlands will never be located outside. On organic farms mostly they still will.

KoeiendansThe literally elated beasts run and jump around to explore the grounds. Since approximately 2008 some organic farmers have here In March - April an annual event. The choreographers of service provide by themselves a spontaneous spectacle. With swinging udders and swaying tails the ladies express their pleasure. This show was named 'Cows Dance'.

(There is also a little-known folk dance of the same name.)

Since 2013 have fellow goat farmers also launched the similar Goats Dance. It is also an event that is meant to strengthen the direct link between producer and client, between farmer and customer, in a pleasant way.