Dancing people who participate in square dancing, are dying ten years later than others. It is the combination of social contact and sport that does the trick. In addition, it provides more blood vessels in the brains, which are also associated with longevity.
Walk, bike or dance prevent cancer.

DancingishealthyMore and often brisk walking, cycling, swimming, dancing, gardening or vacuuming should prevent each year thousands of cases of breast and colon cancer. 45 minutes daily exercise fights breast cancer, 30 minutes a day, five days a week suffice for colon cancer. That says World Launch Research Fundi.
In the UK alone would be 5,500 cases of breast cancer and 4,600 cases of colon cancer prevented, is calculated. Whether you split the movement into small chunks or receive at one time does not matter, that you do enough exercise is what counts.

The key: fat
Regular exercise helps to get a healthier weight what helps to prevent cancer. Fat body produce hormones that stimulate cancer, and make that overweight men and women are more vulnerable for the development of cancer.

Plastic surgery
benefitsofdanceObesity is a plague in our society, with serious health consequences. Surgery to lose weight is also hugely popular. But experts think this is a bad trend. "The plastic surgeons do not enough effort to encourage people to change lifestyle before they perform the surgery."

"You do not have to be an athlete to be healthy. Half an hour a day exercise, small changes in your diet and life style, that already reduces the risk of cancer," it sounds. Though almost half of the people find that they are 'too busy' for sport. (dep)
(Hl 28/10/10)