Striptease is a way of dancing where the dancer while dancing rid of clothes. The purpose of the striptease in an exciting way to undressing and not just being nude. The show goes together with many sensual movements. Once the final garment is stripped, the show usually ends.

StripteaseSometimes the show ends even slightly earlier and the last (minimum) garments are not dropped. This is sometimes done not to bring a particular present audience in too great embarrassment.

There are women who are working as a stripper, and also working as a porn actress. Some dancers make the decision to make the move from strip to porn, whether or not for financial reasons. Sometimes after the producers of this genre of films offered them more money.

A striptease show is often performed on the stage. This may be in a nightclub, but also sometimes a striptease is invited at home. For example, for a bachelor party or birthday party. Especially if in the latter case also the celebrated is involved at the striptease, the party can therefore get an unintended or unwanted turn.

In the years 1980-90 also male strippers attracted attention with a show that was specifically aimed at women. These were called the Chippendales.