The ten places to meet women

From a certain age it seems much more difficult to meet a partner. You work, your circle of friends is stable and the risk of 'fresh blood ' seems minimal. Go to the bar, go to a coffee shop, sports or the mall: those are the options. Men site lists ten unfamiliar places to meet women.

" At these places you had not thought of yourself, but you should hurry to go," it says on the website.

1) Dance classes

Ooh, we hear you snickering behind your computer. Dancing, that's something for sissies? And besides: you cannot dance. Wrong and wrong, and motivation is the key. Women are attracted to men who can (and have courage) to dance, so you can score valuable points.

Who still wants to get the base, can best sign in for swing or salsa lessons. Who dares go for an erotic topper: the tango. Please note that you sign up for a lesson that attracts more singles than couples, otherwise the partner choice will be very difficult.

(HLN 07/29/09)