Clippings and facts about dance

Articles about dancing appear regularly in newspapers and magazines.

Dance and health, dancing and socializing, dancing and a healthy mind, dancing and relationships.... Often interesting, or with a (pseudo) scientific impact, and as often with a (fat) wink. With a bit of browsing I've had recovered some.

When I got permission from the author / publisher, I have also included them here with source (under the article). (Some other are completely rewritten.)

HLN: Het Laatste Nieuws ( = The Latest News, Belgian newspaper)

Seduce with dance: a bad idea

Why seduced by dancing a bad idea.
Men can better think twice before they try to seduce a woman with their dancing skills. With a bad move you make a bad first impression and ruin immediately all your love chances.

Very important
A poor dancing man is a turnoff for many women. The dancing abilities of a man seem a trivial aspect, but many women attach great importance to it, even though they will see their partner dancing most twice a year at weddings.

First impression
It has to do all with the first impression. Women are ashamed because of a bad dancer, because he makes her look ridiculous for her friends and others on the dance floor. You should already have a lot of confidence when you do not care about the stares that you will receive as a woman. Reason enough to reject this man from the beginning.

If a woman had met a poor dancing man in other circumstances, for example in a quiet cafe than she might have started something with him. So only if you are absolutely sure you can dance well, you may try to tempt a woman with your moves. Otherwise you can treat her better on a drink at the bar. (ep)
(Hln 19/04/2009)