The question that every young woman asks sooner or later at a night out: my outfit is not too revealing? British scientists claim they know the answer: clothes that expose 40 percent of the body, draw just the right amount of attention.

At Leeds University psychologist Colin Hendrie sent four female researchers out to a dance. There she studied closely the behavior of men versus women, and the degree of approximation. As it turned out, not unexpectedly, that especially men take the first step and invite women to dance. Clothing, or lack thereof, proved to be an important factor to get noticed.

Women who showed about 40 percent of their bare skin, were approached by twice as many men as one who walked more covered. For the calculation was given ten percent on each arm, each leg accounted for 15 per cent, 50 per cent of the hull. The head, hands and feet were not included. As it turned out, the sleeveless dress that skims along the thighs, was the most suitable outfit to attract attention.

Striking: show off too much meat is counterproductive. Every outfit that let more than 40 percent uncovered, gives to the woman other allures. Men get so other signals about that woman and take her less serious.

The women who knew the most success, combined the 40 per cent rule with tight clothing and sexy dance moves. (lvl) (Hln 17/11/09)