Men with good dance moves are more likely to attract women because they seem stronger. According to a recent German study.

Strong offspring
The researchers filmed 40 male students on the dance floor. Women had to choose from here the best and most attractive dancers then. It showed that these were also the strongest. To rule out factors such as clothing and physique all participants had a white overall. From this, the scientists conclude that women are judging on the basis of dance moves whether a man can produce healthy and strong offspring.

Mating ritual
Researcher Bernhard Fink: "We already knew that women were able to judge if of a man can produce strong offspring based on the shape of the face and physique, but this study shows that movements as dance steps are used to determine if a man is strong and dominant. "Charles Darwin suggested earlier that dancing was a part of the mating ritual, something that is confirmed every weekend in clubs. (ep)
HLN (09/07/09)