A mating dance occurs in birds, mammals, dragonflies, snakes, fish, scorpions... This phenomenon precedes mating. This is 'choosing ' the partner for fertilization.
In humans the function of dancing might be the same: to impress the opposite sex?

Example: Birds of Paradise seduce the females with 'mirror feathers’.
Male birds of paradise have breast feathers with a unique structure that allows the sunlight is reflected in a special way. They are made up of barbs (side hairs) ​​that have a boomerang shape. These barbs reflect blue light in two different directions. The interior of the feather includes a third type of mirror that reflects yellow light.
The breast of the birds can therefore change color in a unique way. In courtship, the males use this to seduce.

paringsdansIn a mating dance it are usually the males who show off and display their qualities, and the women who choose a partner.
The reason that the woman apparently need to have fewer qualities than the man, is that he can produce every day millions of sperm cells while the woman has only one egg that can be fertilized. Then she is another 9 months not reproductive. And they must then also raise (and feed) a child. Having sex for a woman so is quite an investment with a larger and longer-term involvement and emotion. Therefore, they are picky, and therefore more and more demanding than the man. Therefore the man hunts and the woman chooses.

Do people have a mating dance?
Some bloggers gave their opinion:

Dress up, act tough, blinking eyes, whisteling, joking, laughing,.. a complete ritual.
What you think about flirting then.;) That is our “mating dance”.
Just stripping? Hehe..
Where animals have a mating dance, and then one position, people have by the diversity of positions made mating to a dance.
Each dance is a mating dance, you test the other on partner probability... And when it clicks it is a step to come closer to each other, the ice is broken, a few steps closer together if that works for both sides mating can begin...
Are not all the motives and passions about that one thing, mating and thus healthy and fertile offspring?
Dancing, ballroom dancing or free-style.
Tango maybe, I often find it is little similar. Or rumba?

Courting - (speed) dating
Scientific research shows that people can judge each other pretty well by the way someone moves, talks and gestures. Within a minute, we can pick up traits and characteristics of someone. Apparently there are physical characteristics of which we can read these properties. But what features and characteristics? Can you also affect them?

If you believe dating sites you definitely affect how you come across. You will find many tips on body language, appearance, perfect opening lines and taboo subjects. From a speed dating experiment by psychologist Jessica Pass appears that your self-image plays a major role in the establishment of love relationships.

There are also some differences in seduction processes in both sexes. Women prefer a man with a low voice, which is a sign of high levels of testosterone and assertiveness. Men use great words to impress the opposite sex. Locke: " Words are for men as the colorful feathers of a peacock, it is a sign of fitness that provides information to their ability to reproduce."

And what can we learn from the animals? Pulling out all the stops for an impressive first impression, from beautifully colored feather dress to ritual dance moves to impress and seduce. Is dancing our opportunity to do this?