Almost no man is blessed with the talents of John Travolta or Fred Astaire.

Dancing gained enormous popularity in recent years by programs like "Dancing with the Stars' made ​​. "Men better stay off the dance floor, 99.9 percent of them have no sense of rhythm, timing and movement,"

that at least claims the British journalist Claudia Cornelle. "There are few men who are not ridicule when they dance: Fred Astaire, John Travolta and Michael Jackson (although the latter is still discussable). "

Wrong clothes
Claudia Cornelle: "There are certain milestones in a relationship: the first kiss, the first meeting with his family, the first holiday together and the first time you see him dancing. I think men better just not venture onto the dance floor, the majority just looks ridiculous. It starts with their attire. Most men wear a costume as they dance, anything but suitable:.. the tie swings from to all sides, the pants reveals occasional ugly socks while his armpit ponds become still bigger. "

Men vs. Women
" I'm not saying that all women are natural ballerinas. But they do seem to feel more at home on the dance floor. It is the same as if you let a woman playing soccer, men of course are better at it. A woman takes herself not so seriously on the dance floor and she knows about herself that she is not the best dancer. Unlike men, they do not see the humor in that. It's like they've rehearsed their steps in advance.” says Cornelle.

"Many women also find it appalling that when they are standing between their friends nice dancing, there is suddenly a sweaty man to take her hand and wish to rotate her. It looks anything but elegant," says Cornelle. "They're too nice to reject this man so she runs in circles until she is ill or has a dislocated shoulder. So a tip for the men who still want to go on the dance floor.. Leave the women alone and dance alone."

"I admit, it's not really modern to think so about dancing but dancing men don’t look anything but manly", concludes the journalist.

Bad moves
We went looking for the dance moves at which most men went wrong. To avoid blunders on the dance floor better not venture up here:

Admittedly, it looks cool when you see rotate rappers on the floor. But you forget that break dancers have a lots of practice. The average man seems with break dancing just some bumbling on the floor. Afterwards you sit with a ruined outfit and probably an injury.

Many men seem to jog if they are on the dance floor. It's an easy pass, but it looks anything but cool.

The moonwalk made Michael Jackson ​​famous, but that was long ago, nowadays this pass is anything but hip. The moonwalk is a difficult move, and if you do not do it well, you look downright stupid. (ep) (Hln 14/12/2008)