What makes this dance recognizable? What is typical, distinctive or characteristic?

A waltz on the very recognizable size of 3, with a speed between English and Viennese waltz which is danced with also open positions.


Boston Walz - Alexander Rosenbaum
Try to Remember - Patti Page
All kind of everything - Dana
BPM: 32

Waltz stands for spin. Waltzing = turning, revolve.

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Originally waltz was seen as vulgar. Never before lady and gentleman were dancing so close together. When this forbidden fruit was a little accepted the true, pious gentlemen were even didn’t touch the lady, but they used a glove or handkerchief. Well, take a look at this example...

The Viennese waltz was exported to the United States, but found too fast. He was delayed and expanded with graceful, floating movements: the Boston waltz. Who was brought back to Europe to become the slow waltz.

American waltz is quite theatrical and also danced in open positions.

He was introduced in Boston in 1834 by Master Lorenzo Papatino who was invited by Mrs. Otis Beacon Hill to give a demonstration. His Boston Walz was blended with the Hesitation Waltz into the American waltz.