Wear clothes that you enjoy and which allow you to move smoothly in all directions. Especially for women 's dances are often the opportunity to make an extra to dress. If there would be needed a reason. That allows for men also. I think it has something more if a couple appears a little 'assorted'. Men can leave it also confidently to the ladies again. They will say (or lay out) what you can wear (or bear?).

A graceful skirt or dress reinforces circular movements and makes them more elegant. He may not, of course, be too long and narrow: then you cannot move, do not proper steps, and your partner can not step between your legs.

danskledingIn ballroom the gentleman places his right hand on your left shoulder blade. Which therefor goes under your armpit. Clothing that is too wide and too loose under the armpit makes this difficult.

And you may find a bare back beautiful, but likely that everyone puts his hand on it? Whether you dance a lot and your back is also sweaty, what can be unpleasant for him.

Long, loose parts (chains, belts, scarves, large and loose blouses, jackets) can disturb and even cause injury, especially when dancing with a lot of speed and turning (salsa, jive...). Try so to keep control of this flamboyance.. Even a patch long hair in your eye can be painful. For both. Nice, but certainly not always practical.

Personally, I prefer to wear under my shirt a T - shirt, even if it is hot. Possibly a special sports T - shirt that quickly dissipates perspiration and therefore feels more dry. I use short(er) sleeves, not no sleeveless because then you get armpit ponds and wet shoulders. And the accompanying sweat stains on your shirt. This is not primarily for yourself uncomfortable, but even more for your dance partner. Large damp patches look not really glamorous. That's why I always have two or three shirts in my spare dance bag. And that is sometimes necessary, even if I really do not have much (soft) drinks. In 2010 is (again) scientifically proven that men are much more (and even better) sweating than women. Dancing is sports, perhaps a little more social and less competitive. Your body sweats thereby to cool down. So keep this in mind.

I have also heard that people use panty liners to absorb armpit pools. I did not test it myself (yet).

If you want to avoid your shirt after two dances already is hanging out of your pants, you can fasten each front with a safety pin to the elastic bottom of your underwear.

A dress is successful when a man wants to pull him out. (Francoise Sagan)

Dancing is a contact sport. So gentlemen: mobile, key rings, etc. you take out of your pockets. Not really nice if you thus press against her hips or bump! Loose rings, rings with sharp decorations: not a good idea.
Another tip for men... Many ladies spend a lot of time (and money) on their hair. In many moves, the lady should turn, even under the arm of the man... Make sure this succeeds without ruining her hairstyle. Keep your arm high enough!

And now we 're at it: a deodorant, some perfume or aftershave makes it more enjoyable. Ditto for a round of teeth brushing before you go. Not to mention quite a nice meal with lots of garlic.. or beverage air, or cigar (et) smoke when you dance with a non - smoker. It's simply an activity which is very close to, even against each other. A mint candy is really not enough for a fresh breath. Keep that in mind. Dancing is always something seducing. But it is not only entice with dance moves...

In the fixed equipment in my dance bag always are some handkerchiefs (to have on the dance floor at hand and erase sweat), a towel (to wipe the sweat between dances) and a fan that helps -in between- although manual, to cool down.

For the occasion I even emptied my dance bag. Over the years there is been a lot of stuff added that I always carry (and usually not need):


Shoes (with bag)

T - shirts (rolled)



membership cards

table dance hits

Tea-light (in bag)

small towel (s)


safety pins

beer mats and pen

printed moves

brush (in case)

handker chiefs


cold compress


teaching programs

shoe spoon

lint brush

plastic bag (4 wet shirt)

(table) hook (hang bag)


rod shaving soap