SintVitusThe Catholic Church has a sacred for all professions and ailments, just as our ancestors for everything had a god.
Patron Saint of the dancers is St. Vitus, which is celebrated on 15 June. In the Middle Ages it was considered to be the longest day of the year, the summer solstice.

In addition, St. Vitus acts also as patron of actors, acrobats, magicians and comedians. And of coppersmiths, copper and boiler blacksmiths, tinkers, brewers, bar staff and bar tenders. But also pharmacists; of lame, , deaf, dumb and blind and beggars.
And of mountain men and miners; of wine makers and grape pickers. And for married couples and families; and even pets: especially dogs and birds, such as chickens, hens and other poultry. To exit as patron of sources.

Vitus intercession is invoked at sowing and at harvest (solstice!), against thunder, lightning, fire and against infertility. But also against bedwetting, possession, epilepsy, hysteria, rabies, dog and snake bites, (morbid) long sleeping and overslept, St. Vitus Dance (chorea minor), nervous disorders, seizures, convulsions, cramps, spastic disorders, irascibility, eye diseases and hearing impairment. These phenomena are related to sudden uncontrollable muscle or nerve spasms. St. Vitus Dance came in the 13th and 14th centuries common in malnourished people. See separate article.