Spanish: Baile de los cuarenta y uno)
danceof41The dance of the 41 was a scandal in Mexico in 1901 whereh 41 or 42 men were arrested for homosexuality.
On November 18, 1901, during the reign of Porfirio Díaz, police raided a house in the Calle de la Paz in Mexico city. There was danced by a group of men of whom 19 were dressed and made-up as a woman.
They were convicted of "assault on morality and good manners', and banned (from the military, but for civilian jobs!)tTo Yucatán. The press remained remarkably discreet about it. The list of those arrested was never published, presumably because many among them came from the upper class of Porfirican society. Soon became even claimed that it were 42 men. The 42th, Ignacio de la Torre y Mier, than was the gay nephew of President Díaz, which would be acquitted by the intervention of the president.
In Mexico is the number 41 by this incident still symbol of homosexuality. It is a taboo, and is therefore often shunned. Army units have for example never the number 41, and in house numbers, number of rooms, number plates for vehicles, etc. is often beaten or replaced 41 by 40a. And no one is celebrating his 41st birthday.
(On 4 December of the same year a similar raid took place at a group of lesbians, but that received much less attention and impact.)